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Latest Software Review: ACID PRO 6 (SONY) + New Roots Reggea Loops

Acid Pro 6 , Digital  GuildSo, this being said, I hope you all understand that the following is not being *projected to, for or by professional sound engineers. This is more of a source for the layman or geared towards those of us in the film biz that have on occasion the opportunity or challenge to step outside of our prescribed work designations  only to return wishing there was some sort of tool that would have made that experience easier….and perhaps less embarrassing.

The jump from transport to modern interpretive jazz dancer being overlooked, I now return us to the previously mentioned scenario. The challenge: to come up with a digital interface that would be used by a media junkie that creates mixed digital collage. read more >>

First Look: ZBrush

zbrushZbrush works with most file formats, but tends to favor the obj. when not running a Zbrush file (ztl.) You can also move your characters and stamp patterns, logos and textures on the surfaces that will be intact upon export. The piece in the pictures took me approximately 1 hour, from start to finish and without any sort of hassle from system or app.

The amount of detail one can work into their piece is spell- binding and as finite as you can imagine. You are able to move up and down the level hierarchy in order to access the various levels of resolution with the click of your mouse as well as work up greater detail from lower tiers to affect a greater result higher up. There also a great many materials to be used as well, and being able to bake them onto your models allows for some pretty spectacular results when painting your textures. Yes, Zbrush allows you to model your digital clay, paint the surfaces with color, color and material or just material in an additive or subtractive mode. Read More ...

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