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Battlefield: Bad Company (EA)

Battlefield bad company EAThis game really hasn't fallen in the appreciation quotient at all. It continues to excite and entertain. I think the key factor here is ENTERTAIN. It is one of the most entertaining games I've EVER played. I really keep thinking that I'm gonna step outside and bump into Michael Caine in fatigues or Roger Moore with his red beret.

Different time but very similar feel. I want to run with the big guns, I want to kick in doors and crack wise as I dodge bullets, I want to fall in love with Mike-One Juliet and her sexy dulcet tones. I want her to want me. I want.....ahem. To free the world of terrorist threats and make good a boisterous getaway fueled by the gold bullion of dictators, or politicians or even corrupt and undeserving members of a drum core. What do they need gold for anyway? Read more>>

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