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Second Take: Battlefield Bad Company (EA)

digital guild canada Battlefield Bad CompanyThis game really hasn't fallen in the appreciation quotient at all. It continues to excite and entertain. I think the key factor here is ENTERTAIN. It is one of the most entertaining games I've EVER played. I really keep thinking that I'm gonna step outside and bump into Michael Caine in fatigues or Roger Moore with his red beret.

Different time but very similar feel. I want to run with the big guns, I want to kick in doors and crack wise as I dodge bullets, I want to fall in love with Mike-One Juliet and her sexy dulcet tones. I want her to want me. I want .....ahem. To free the world of terrorist threats and make good a boisterous getaway fueled by the gold bullion of dictators, or politicians or even corrupt and undeserving members of a drum core. What do they need gold for anyway?

SO moving right along, Bad Company has received more exasperated responses than any other game I make unsuspecting visitors watch the intro to and more than naught have wanted me to continue playing so they can see what happens next. It has been an extremely easy title to promote as it combines tight scripting, writing , audio, video and I'm really looking forward to the multi player elements. I STILL WANT THE SOUNDTRACK. PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME. Or how about just a tape of Mike-One Juliet telling me what to do and when? I'm now gearing up to complete the single player portion with hopes of seeing this Mike-One Juliet image if it exists. The suspense overall is fantastic yet not debilitating like a time based odd fight. Oh keep me company. misery loves it and we love it bad.

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As it stands 9.5/10



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