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Frontline: Fuel of War

FrnotlineThe Yaris coughed and shuddered its last shudder and the sat down upon itself, wheels tilting outward in resolve of failure. There was no more fuel for Yaris, there was no fuel and no dignity for Yugo and there was definately not even a vehicle to be named Yami. As the driver stared harshly into the greasy yellow sun, thinking of how much he hated the world for depriving his little tank of gas, there trembled the solution. Beneath the parched and pained earth and concrete, the heralding of salvation came. The rumbling became louder still, and the clanking of steel could be discerned in its midst. And then nothing.....nothing but a faint buzzing, like that of a gigantic mosquito.

“Stray Dog One-Niner, we have visual contact on a tango. His bearing is 30 clicks nor-east on a sedentary heading.It appears his car is empty of gas. I have a lock! He is armed, but passive and unaware of my presence. Please advise.” As the drone zooms in on the solitary figure and it’s armament arms, I stop and grin foolishly . How has it taken anyone so long to include drones in such a huge capacity as Frontlines? What a great idea. It adds such a huge breath of fresh air into the glut of shooters out these days. That and the ability to run 64 players at atime is definately a pleasure.

fuels of warThe story behind Frontlines is indeed a scary one. In it’s realism and in its logic. The world engine has run dry. No food, no fuel. It doesn’t matter if you win the battle, you family and friends at home are more than likley living in a bag of mud with a handful of weeds for a lawn. The opener alone had me getting depressed and angry to the point that I adjusted my new world outlook to include the consumption of organic inebriants. It is actually pretty scary and lends a brutal and foreboding energy to the batlle fog. I have found only one issue with the game, and that is the inability to climb through rubble and the bombed out hulks of higrises. You can however comandeer upwards of 60 vehicles in the game. Great visuals and very cinematic in presentation. GREAT FOR CAMERA FODDER!!!

cinematic experience:85%
overall design:80%
next gen ranking:90%
AS IT STANDS: 8.5/10

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