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Latest Hardware Review: Microsoft's Xbox HD DVD

Xbox HDDVDMicrosoft has really hit the nail on the head with the Xbox 360 HD DVD. Many had complained about having to buy an additional piece of hardware to do what the Playstation 3 already does, but that was before we knew just how diverse this little demure Toshiba HD drive in the slick white case could be. Firstly, the price: $200.00! There is no Blu Ray player that costs even close to that or HD DVD player for that matter. This add on cuts the cost of all other units by at least 2/3.

Secondly, compatibility. I have been reading about this all over the net, and my experience has actually varied slightly as it will depending on your rig setup. Most claim that the drive is not acknowledged by their pc’s until the drivers were installed (Toshiba HD DVD drivers). Mine however recognized it as an Xbox 360 HDVD drive automatically. That was a good sign. This is good, whereas Mac systems embraced it without hesitation according to reports. Read More

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