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First Look:


beowulfI haven’t seen the big Hollywood film Beowulf, but I did enjoy the previous iteration featuring one Gerard Butler (300) called Beowulf and Grendel, so a direct comparison may be out of sorts. I have heard surprisingly good things about Beowulf though. Actually about both the film and the game. Now the game itself must be good as i tcomes from Ubisoft, I reasoned with myself and came to a conclusion that made me want to explore this world.

I do not claim to be an uber gamer and in most cases, when I have guests over to play I get my ass handed to me; however, i enjoy the camaraderie and if there is no multiplayer aspect, I enjoy the design aspect and atmosphere of a good game. So with this is mind, my sorry gaming skills, as bad as they may be, I have yet to hit a point in a game by where I am absoloutely stuck. Until Beowulf. I find the design and creature modelling to be pretty eerie what with the fog effects and diffused lighting (sea serpents not withstanding) but Ubisoft tries to implement a new element of gaming that is very similar to the old Dragons Lair gameplay by where a series of “Simon says” button mirroring is required for you to progress in the game. I HATE THIS! I understand trying new things in an tried genre, but too much is rooted in beowulfyour abililty to ddr your way through scenes of the game.

I am stuck very early on in the game, about 5% in and cannot pro- gress due to my inability to complete this rhythmic tapping of buttons. This is a common mistake in game design, why make something so utterly frustrating as to ruin ones enjoyment of the game. It looks great, I want to progress but cannot. We’ll see what happens.



beowulfcinematic experience:55%
overall design: 45%
next gen ranking:60%


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