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First Look:

Lost Odyssey

LOst OdysseyIt drives the wind across the parched and cracked lands, causing blood stiffened armor to creak in protest. It adds lift to the greasy black wings of the graveyard vultures as they survey the ancient for bits of the dead to eat. It begs the question, an age old question, spurred by hype and ignorance......WHY?

Why for so many reasons? This is a game first glance that should be a movie not a game. It should be an interactive movie, and touted as such Not heralded as the brainchild of an acclaimed author made into a sprawling epic game. Beautiful and terrible are the cinematics. So compelling and utterly horrifying. Like an arthouse film made by lunatics. I sat and reveled in the stink of madness and chaotic bliss of violent, ancient warfare; only to fall fast asleep during the many mundane and Lost Odyssey boring periods of play by where you sit and press the “A” button to initiate each new sentence in a conversation that could probably have needed to gasp its last breath after the 3rd word.

If your reason for playing this MMO is because you like MMORPG, then...well, youknow what? I couldn’t even get to the point by where you have that choice. There never seemed to be the option of online play even though it speaks of “online membership” being required. Now, I’m not sure if that means XBOX LIVE is required with a Gold membership or if you need to pay an additional fee to sit with 64 other virtual people and play the turn based conversation game.

It is absolutely stunning though, 4 disks of digital art is how it should be viewed and in that regard it ranks high, as for a game though.....wait for it......waiiiiiit.......wait your turn for Gongora to finish his the “A” button....”NOW!”

Lost Odysseycinematic experience:90%
overall design:70%
next gen ranking:85%

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