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After a series of strikes, epidemics and political intervention, nay, political interference; it became clear that the Toronto Film industry was getting its lumps from many extraneous sources beyond its control. Whilst ageing and becoming jaded during one of many extended down periods between contracts do to the above mentioned reasons or others based on the crumbling morals of our field, I thought about how business could be brought back to our town.

If we had something grand to offer clients other than tax breaks, or on top of them, if we had something in addition to a weak dollar then maybe.....they will come. It was this mode of thinking that was the inpetus for the tech symposium: To Hell With Technology-digital tools for the modern film worker. I founded this to educate our members and create a symbiotic relationship between our industry and the ones that create the tools so many of us pirate in order to fulfill our roles as designers. An intertwined and reciprocal agreement that would allow special pricing for the purchase of technology and an education on how to use them in exchange for promotion and feedback regarding the product used.

This is where the Digital Guild comes in, the main focus of this site is to be an informative resource for all parties involved. A veritable conduit of information. A digital soapbox for members to be heard and inquiries to be answered along with a place for tech providers to have their products explained and illuminated. Eventually this will become a place for all of us in the film, tech, gaming and overall digital design industries to flex and pose and show off what we have and can do regarding output and work. Technology will never peak without the human experience.

Sean Moore

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