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Lost: Via Domus

Lost-via-domus digital guildHaving yet to watch the tv series, I have found myself introduced to its multi-faceted world of exotic locales and Machiavellian inhabitants through the new media of the 360. “Ohhhh I just love this computer magic.” The whole package, with the Network intro and the ‘Previously on’ header do a great job of making you feel as though you haven’t missed a beat in the shows history. However, the ‘Previously on’ tends to wear thin after about the 4th time playing the game as it comes up after every start. The game makes a pretty good attempt at filling the space with the sounds of jungle life, love and network babble, so it is easy to become immersed in its linear flow. Like being taken for a ride somewhere that you thought would be mundane, your trip to the bank down an empty stretch of the 401 suddenly adds some bizarre element of urgent sleuthing.

Once again I am intrigued by the production process as well. The artwork itself is lush and extremely detailed and it is just a shame that the game play doesn’t allow for open ended Lost Via Domus Digital guild.caexploration of the beautiful sets. Great eyecandy but the shrub is just too immovable (perhaps they should build an altar out of it). As for the character design, again with a tip of the hat to the show, I feel as though I know these people somehow. Like a giddy Dane-Cookesque fella, all edgy with the giddies, flailing around behind some non-sensical explanation of how I recognize them but don’t really know them......

As the story unfolds, I do find myself feeling a bit ostracized and under much scrutiny. You play the role of a secondary, background character on the show, who wakes up with amnesia. Although no Three’s Company antics ensue, the lack of patients exhibited by the populace around your character is predictable. It does however add to the tension of knowing that something is gonna blow soon. A good mix of puzzles and running, it ain’t no Myst but it ain’t no miss either. I’m sucked in, and I will get back with more next issue.


Lost Titlecinematic experience:85%
overall design:80%
next gen ranking:80%
AS IT STANDS: 8.1/10

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